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Phase 1 Environmental Assessment Research

What We Do

Environmental Data Management provides ASTM Standard 1527-13 compliant Environmental Assessment Research services to the Engineering, Real Estate and Lending communities in Florida.  Since 1990 we have built our reputation on the quality and accuracy of our research reports as well as our commitment to customer service. 

Whether you are conducting a full Phase I Assessment, Custom Corridor Study or preliminary Environmental Hazards Screening, we have a report to meet your needs.  Choose from one of our Basic, Standard or Premium report formats or customize your own report by selecting the databases to search and the historical references to include.

Govt Records Research Reports
EDM’s government records research reports meet or exceed the guidelines set forth in ASTM Standard E1527-13 and the EPA's All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) rule. Standardized Formats or Custom Reports available.
Historical Records
We can provide Historical Aerial Photos, Historical USGS Topographic Maps, City Directory Research Reports, Environmental Lien/AUL Search Reports, Chain of Title Abstracts and more.

Custom Projects
Whether it's a 162-mile railway corridor evaluation, a 38,000+ acre property assessment or a custom screening report; EDM can design a report to meet your Data and Historical Reference needs. Contact us with special requests.

Who We Are

EDM was established in 1990 by environmental consultants who saw the need for High Quality and Accurate Government Records Research used in Phase 1 Environmental Assessments. Having conducted many Phase 1 Environmental Assessments ourselves, we know that our research is the foundation of your study and should, above all else, be precise and involve more than just automated data dumps.

EDM is a small firm, operating only within the State of Florida. From the start, we didn’t want to be the biggest, just the best! Like EDM, most of our clients are small business folks who know the value of timely, accurate and reliable research. They don’t want to waste time and money wading through pages of unorganized data reports or tracking down information on sites that were missed. And with EDM, they know that they can pick up the phone and speak directly with the professional who ran their report!

EDM has built a reputation on the Quality of our Reports and our commitment to Customer Service. We want you to think of us as your in-house research department-- just down the hall!
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Since 1990 we have built our reputation on the quality and accuracy of our research reports.
EDM stands behind our work! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your report, we will fix it to your satisfaction or your report is free! There’s no hassle at EDM.

Why Choose EDM?

  • Florida Experts
    For more than 30 Years EDM has served our Clients in Florida. From the Keys to Jacksonville to Pensacola and all points in between, we have researched the highways and byways of this state. We know Florida!
  • User Friendly Reports
    EDM reports are easy to read and designed to allow you to quickly review the data details for each site. We provide hyperlinks to data within our reports and to both State and Federal websites were you can find additional site reports and documents. If you are tired of having to wade through research reports that are little more than unorganized data dumps, you will find our reports efficient and user friendly.
  • Great Support
    Our Clients' needs are our top priority. If for any reason you have a question regarding your report you can simply Call or Email Us and we will immediately attend to your concern. We know that our reputation depends upon the satisfaction of our Clients and we will always do our best to meet your needs.
  • Real Research Not Push-Button Reporting
    Your reputation depends upon accurate research. At EDM we take the time to search all of our records to identify sites of concern within your study area. We then use all available resources to ensure that they are mapped correctly so you don’t waste time dealing with missing or misplaced sites. We do the work that a computer alone, just can’t do!

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