Historical Research Reports


Historical Aerial Photographs

EDM searches Federal, State and Local sources to find the best historical aerial photographs for your subject property and area of study.  Typically, these photos extend back to the 1940's and are provided at approximate ten year intervals with one photo per decade.  More frequent coverage is available upon request!


City Directories

EDM researchers have access to the largest single repository of City Directories in the US.  Our standard  search extends back approximately 50 years and occupancy information is reported at 5 year intervals for the subject property and adjacent addresses

Need to search farther back or need to search an extended area?  No problem!  Just let us know and we will customize a report to meet your needs!

Chain of Title Research

EDM's Chain of Title Report is an abstract of the legal description, transaction dates, parties involved and instrument numbers for ownership transfers dating back at least 60 Years 

As part of this report, documents indicating Environmental Liens, Activity & Use Limitations (AUL’s) or other encumbrances are also researched and reported


Environmental Liens or Activity & Use Limitations

EDM's Environmental Lien/AUL Report includes copies of Environmental Liens, AUL's or other encumbrances that appear in the deed records researched for the subject property